Offshore Electronics helps electronics manufacturers with their make-or-buy decision with new white paper

Offshore Electronics, a leading Contract Electronics Manufacturer (CEM), has published a new white paper titled “Standing at the Crossroads: Make or Buy?”. It offers guidance to small and medium sized businesses that are struggling to meet demand with their current electronics production capacity, to help them decide whether to expand manufacturing capabilities in-house or outsource production to a specialised CEM.

The white paper details the benefits of partnering with a reputable sub-contractor, both for existing products and for new development projects that are moving from prototyping and testing into volume production. These benefits include the ability to scale-up production without the twin challenges of making significant investments in new production facilities, or of recruiting new staff at a time of major skills shortages.

Steve Marshall, managing director at Offshore Electronics, explains: “We produced this white paper to help companies with their make- or- buy choices by giving the decision-making process a structure. Small to medium sized electronics manufacturers, or specialised product developers, now can review all relevant factors in an objective manner before determining the next steps.

“Some manufacturers might find it difficult to outsource their electronics production to a CEM. We wanted to explain how specialised companies such as Offshore Electronics, based close to the UK, can benefit their product development, evolution and volume manufacturing by creating an agile, scalable and secure business model.”

The white paper is available as a free download from the Offshore Electronics website here.

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