ODU-MAC RAPID – Saves time during assembly

The ODU-MAC® RAPID modular connector with spindle locking has successfully established itself on the market. Its practical, space-saving locking mechanism is based on a simple rotary movement and has proven especially popular in measuring & testing technology and other industrial applications.

Now, in addition to the existing version, this housing is also available in a smaller connector in size 2, and in black or white, with the white connector perfectly complementing the design of medical devices.

Thanks to the 2-part shell, the ODU-MAC® RAPID is quick and easy to assemble.  Cable routing is simplified by the fact that the housing remains open during cable assembly and can be re-opened later, meaning subsequent adjustments can be easily carried out, resulting in time savings of up to 50%.

Also, strain relief can be created for each individual strand by attaching them on the optional grid plates, ensuring increased durability and stability.

The cable outlet can be adapted to suit the application and no special tools are required – it can simply be cut with a knife.

This housing lets the user create a flexible system, with a high degree of freedom and customization, whilst also saving time.


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