NXP offers 15 LED diver reference boards optimised for EBOM

NXP Semiconductors has introduced 15 new reference design boards featuring NXP’s broad portfolio of mains-dimmable and non-dimmable solid-state lighting (SSL) driver ICs. Each reference board is built around a best-in-class GreenChip LED driver IC, and has been designed to minimise the total EBOM (engineering bill of materials) cost while maintaining expected performance requirements for specific lighting applications.

NXP’s cost-effective LED driver solutions simplify lamp design with the right form factor to streamline the design-in process, and extend lifetime and reliability. NXP also simplifies customer choices with newly created selection tables broken down by lamp form factor and function, non-dimmable/dimmable, non-isolated/isolated, and power factor (PF). The LED driver reference boards are featured in the new NXP LED Driver Solutions Selection Guide.

“As consumer adoption of LEDs continues to grow, price-competitiveness remains a major priority for LED manufacturers across the board. By providing a comprehensive portfolio of LED driver reference boards – covering all the key applications in general lighting – we’re simplifying the design process and providing our customers with a critical head start in bringing new LED products to market,” said Ryan Zahn, general manager, lighting solutions product line, NXP Semiconductors.



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