NXP launches new 300 W TVS diodes

NXP Semiconductors has unveiled a new series of six transient voltage suppressor (TVS) diodes housed in the small, leadless plastic package DFN2020-3 (2 x 2 mm) with a height of only 0.62 mm. The new PTVSxU1UPA product series offers a 300 W peak pulse power rating (10/1000µs) and reverse stand-off voltages from 7.5 to 26 V.

The new AEC-Q101 qualified PTVSxU1UPA series is suited to protect voltage-sensitive components against transient voltage in various applications, such as the charger port in mobile devices.

Surge pulses from the power supply, for example via a car charger, are a severe threat for the charger port VBUS line of smart phones and other portables and standard ESD protection devices are no longer seen as being sufficient to protect application circuits from damage, and as a result, devices with higher surge robustness are required.

The low leakage current of only 1 nA reduces the power consumption and helps extending the battery lifetime. Housed in a small leadless DFN2020 package it is ideally suited to products such as mobile phones and notebooks where space is a constraint.

“Mobile devices, such as smartphones, e-readers, tablets and even wearable technology is decreasing in size and there is strong demand for space-saving solutions. This new TVS series addresses the increasing requirements for higher surge robustness for charger ports. With its very small and leadless DFN2020-3 package, it is ideally suited for these mobile devices.” says Henning Riedel, product marketing manager, NXP Semiconductors.

This discrete solution offers higher PCB design flexibility and easier routing than the array of integrated solutions currently available.



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