NXP extends secure car access portfolio to offer new complete passive keyless entry system

NXP Semiconductors N.V. today extends its technology leadership in secure car access solutions with the introduction of the NJJ29C0 low frequency (LF) transceiver. The product complements the latest generation of car access systems that combine longer-range performance and enhanced convenience for end-users. Furthermore, the new platform allows for reduced cost, faster time-to market and greater design freedom for OEMs and their Tier One Suppliers.


NXP’s new NJJ29C0 LF transceiver integrates a 6-channel Class D LF driver, DC/DC boost converter, microcontroller and the immobiliser reader. The device is engineered for rapid deployment into vehicle electronic control systems, enabling increasingly popular features such as welcome lighting and passive, walkaway locking.


The new NJJ29C0 LF transceiver is designed to seamlessly work with NXP’s advanced transponder, microcontroller, and radio transmitter technologies, completing NXP’s portfolio of full solutions for secure car access systems. Remote access applications based on NXP’s full system solutions also deliver world-class security by supporting both HT3 and AES encryption.


“Already the global technology leader in remote car access products, NXP enhances its system solutions for passive keyless entry applications by introducing this highly innovative NJJ29C0 LF transceiver,” said Jens Hinrichsen, senior vice president and GM of advanced automotive analog business line, NXP. “This product will help us to further expand our content in body control modules, where we already have a strong position with automotive microcontrollers based on our merger with Freescale.”


The NJJ29C0 transceiver features the high levels of integration for car-side access systems, including 6 full bridge channels, immobiliser and boost converter with power switch. The device also integrates a Class D LF driver, which drives higher power currents at cooler temperatures for improved range, optimal power efficiency and greater design freedom relative to immobiliser antenna placement.


Other product features include:

·      Long immobiliser backup range

·      3 channels simultaneously driving up to 3A

·      Low power dissipation, driving maximum current

·      Six wake-up inputs/interfaces for door handles, triggering autonomous transmission

·      Long cable length of up to 3m (typical) for Immobiliser coil

·      Wide use of antennas possible



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