NXP extends LED driver ICs for compact, non-dimmable lamps

Compact, non-dimmable LED lamps are growing in popularity, particularly in markets such as Japan, The SSL2108x family offers a high level of efficiency (up to 95% as measured on reference boards); a high level of integration (enabling easy design-in of a full application with only 14 components and a very small PCB area of 18 x 22 mm); and a very low electronic bill of materials (eBoM). The NXP SSL2108x family of devices also delivers tight LED current regulation (better than 5%); a full set of protections, including built-in LED temperature protection via input from an NTC temperature sensor; and an integrated MOSFET.

“The adoption of compact, non-dimmable LED lamps is growing strong in both the residential and commercial lighting markets worldwide. While energy efficiency and cost are key concerns, we’re finding that consumers and business users also prefer not to sacrifice performance. The SSL2108x family of highly efficient, high-voltage LED driver ICs addresses this demand. Significantly, the SSL2108x family also offers a single platform that makes it straightforward for LED retrofit lamp manufacturers to design applications for the 100V, 110V, 120V and 230V markets and for power ranges up to 15 W and 25 W,” said Ryan Zahn, general manager, lighting solutions product line, NXP Semiconductors.

NXP Semiconductors

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