Nujira passes new patent milestone

Nujira, the innovative company behind Envelope Tracking (ET) technology, has announced the filing of its 175th ET patent. Since the Company’s formation in 2002 Nujira has developed an extensive and complete patent portfolio around ET, giving the company a dominant position in the industry. The company began working on ET technology 2-3 years before any other company, giving it a significant headstart on the industry. It also meant that the company overcame the “real world” challenges of ET years before others, and Nujira has protected these innovations with a growing patent portfolio. Nujira was responsible for 30% of all new ET patents published in 2011.

“Nujira has pioneered the use of ET in modern digital communications and we have invested heavily to protect that ground-breaking work with nearly 200 patents, giving us a blocking position in the industry,” commented Tim Haynes, CEO of Nujira. “Nujira’s patented ET architecture is the only configuration that supports 20 MHz now, and is also scalable to support the future bandwidth expansions required for LTE-Advanced. It is also the only method that opens the door to potential further integration of CMOS power amplifiers (PAs) in the RF front end.”

Nujira’s patents cover not only the core technical breakthroughs that underpin Nujira’s high bandwidth, high efficiency Coolteq ET modulator ICs, but also wider system elements. These include system architectures, timing alignment, linearization with or without Digital Pre Distortion (DPD), PA performance enhancement, system optimization, test & measurement, and production-line calibration techniques.

The company’s patented High Accuracy Tracking (HAT) architecture combines high efficiency switch mode power supply technology with high bandwidth linear elements, and has been proven from power levels of 0.5W to 10,000W and beyond. The HAT architecture is at the heart of all of Nujira’s pro ducts for basestation, digital TV and mobile handset applications, giving the company a continuity of patent coverage since 2003. Nujira’s baseband-driven system approach has now been adopted as the de facto standard for ET in handsets, and is at the core of standardization activities from both the MIPI Alliance and the OpenET Alliance.

“Other market entrants have either had to start from scratch, or abandon their previous architectures and follow our market lead,” added Haynes. “Our patented HAT architecture has been delivering real-world benefits for almost a decade, giving us continuous patent protection and a solid foundation from which to innovate.”

Nujira announced the first commercial IC in its Coolteq.L product family of ET power supply modulators for mobile handsets in February 2012 at Mobile World Congress. The NCT-L1100 reduces wasted energy from PAs in mobile handsets by more than 50%, cutting heat dissipation and extending battery life. Earlier in September 2012 Nujira raised a further $12 million in its latest funding round, securing the rollout of the Coolteq.L IC technology and supporting the ramp to volume production.

Nujira is currently engaged with 16 major smartphone chipset suppliers to embed its ET technology into their reference platforms and expects its Coolteq.L technology to be designed into 4G smartphones in 2013.


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