Non-Inductive ARCOL resistors with very low thermal resistance

BEC Distribution, ARCOL”s UK Distributor has announced the availability of ARCOL”s AP101 and AP140 non-inductive resistors which feature extremely low thermal resistance. They AP101 is capable of dissipating 100 watts and the AP140 can dissipate up to 140 watts, with a maximum current rating of 25A.

In practice, the AP140 power dissipation of 140 watts results in a maximum tab temperature of of just 25°C (with a heat sink). High-technology materials are used for rapid heat transfer to the heat sink via thermal grease. The design features an electrically-isolated metal tab.

ARCOL’s AP101 and AP140 non-inductive resistors are designed with TO-247-Style packaging and utilise state-of-the art Thick Film technology.

Other features include a single screw mounting to the heat sink, and a moulded, electrically-isolated case for enhanced electrical and mechanical protection. They are RoHS Compliant and are offered with a Value Range of up to R01 – 51K.

The Tolerance Options are ±1% or ±5% and the TCR Options are ±50 – 250ppm/°C (re ohmic value). The Maximum Voltage is 700Vdc or v(P.R) and the Dielectric Strength is 2500 Vac (60 secs).



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