Nicomatic’s 1mm pitch AMM Series now available in days – saves space and weight in the most demanding hi-rel applications

June 2021, Bon-en-Chablais, France: Nicomatic, the leading manufacturer of high performance interconnect systems, announces that its 1mm pitch AMM Series is now available in five standard layouts for delivery on only a few days’ lead time.   The AMM Series saves both space and weight in the most demanding aerospace and other hi-rel applications, including medical, defence & security and harsh-environment industrial.

The five standard layouts available within 3 – 5 days are 6, 10, 20, 34 and 50 contact interconnects with 2 rows.  Featuring an integrated guidance pin for ease of stacking, these AMM Series connectors are available for thru-mount on PCBs or straight surface PCB mounting (AMM A22 Series, male and female versions) and pre-wired (AMM HA22 Series, female).

The AMM Series is specifically designed to suit the demands of hostile environments and is rated for vibration of 15G and shock of 100G.  Temperature range is -65degC to +200degC. Electrical specifications are up to 4.8A @ 25degC (PCB to cable, 20 pins) and up to 2.5A @ 25degC (PCB to PCB, 20 pins), withstanding voltage at sea level 600V RMS.  Contact resistance is < 10mΩ and these robust connectors will withstand up to 1000 mechanical operations.  The connector housing is manufactured in LCP glass fibre composite, male contacts are copper alloy, female contacts are copper zinc alloy, slotted, with four contact points.  Hardware is stainless steel.

Easy customization of the AMM Series is a given, thanks to Nicomatic’s renowned modular manufacturing capabilities:  further pin numbers and configurations, with and without mounting ears and various harness specifications are all available on request. The AMM Series interconnects are supplied on tape & reel packaging for automated assembly.

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