Next generation power analysis platform for datacentres available from Livingston

Test sourcing specialist Livingston has announced that it has added a new product to its range of power quality analysis equipment, which is especially targeted at data centres. The decision to extend the range comes in response to a growing trend within modern datacentres for a more comprehensive, in-depth understanding of hardware and its overall power efficiency, so that operational expenses are curbed and compliance with increasingly stringent environmental regulations can be attained.

Livingston is now offering customers the advanced Dent ELITEpro XC – a complete solution for accurately monitoring electric energy usage and recording key performance metrics. It is capable of logging, storing and analysing power consumption data derived from voltage and current inputs with accuracy levels of <0.2% typical.

Suitable for both single and three-phase systems using 80-600V phase-to-phase (AC or DC) services, this quad-channel analysis tool can deal with currents up to 6,000A. It has configurable input ranges for voltage (0 to 10VDC) or current loop (0-20mA and 4-20mA) transducers.

A waveform sampling frequency of 12kHz is supported – allowing real-time display of both voltage and current waveforms, as well as harmonics. User-selectable recording intervals can be set as short as every 1sec, thereby giving test engineers a high degree of flexibility.

The 16MByte non-volatile memory provides months of recording time (enough to take measurements at 2min intervals for up to 160 days).

The intuitive Windows-based ELOG software package that accompanies it has been designed to enable rapid, easy data retrieving and scrutinizing. It facilitates data exporting to almost any analysis program. Connectivity is supplied via a fast USB interface and standard Ethernet ports. An optional Wi-Fi function permits remote data collection over 2.4GHz wireless networks.

“When measuring power consumption in datacentres, and similar applications, it is normally necessary to capture data simultaneously from numerous test points – which means that multiple testers will be required during this period,” explained Reinier Treur, Livingston’s Global Marketing Director. “This can represent a considerable investment if the equipment has to be purchased. Conversely a rental approach will offer the same results, but prove much more financially attractive, as the pieces of equipment only have cost implications for the time they are needed.”


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