Next-generation of mini-flat transistor couplers from Toshiba

The TLP184 and TLP185 ‘mini-flat’ couplers can be used as direct replacements for Toshiba’s TLP180 and TLP181. These devices have become established in high component density applications ranging from programmable controllers and AC/DC input modules to telecommunications devices and office equipment. Pin- and functionally-compatible with their predecessors, the new devices have a maximum profile of just 2.3mm. They offer the same minimum isolation voltage (BVs) of 3750Vrms but have a higher insulation peak voltage (UIORM) of 707V.

Both of the new photocouplers are designed to operate across an extended temperature range from -55ºC to 110ºC and have minimum collector-emitter voltages of 80V. The TLP184 can operate directly from an AC input current and is rated for a maximum forward current of ±50mA. Maximum forward current for the TLP185 is 50mA. Maximum pulse forward current ratings are ±1A and 1A respectively.

Construction of the TLP184 and TLP185 is based around a photo transistor that is optically coupled to a GaAs IR LED. In the case of the TLP184 device an inverse parallel connection supports the AC input.

Toshiba Electronics Europe

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