Next-generation AVR® Microcontrollers from Microchip

The next generation of tinyAVR 8-bit MCUs combine Core Independent Peripherals with optimised software development support using the Atmel START online graphical configuration tool.

The ATtiny817/816/814/417 MCUs Core Independent Peripherals include a Peripheral Touch Controller (PTC) in addition to high-speed serial communication and analog integrated into small, low pin-count packages. The addition of Event System and a Power-down mode, with SRAM data retention, helps to increase throughput and system reliability whilst lowering power consumption.

Development Tools

The Xplained Mini Kit can be used as a standalone development tool, or combined with the Arduino kit ecosystem, and the ATtiny817/816/814/417 MCUs are supported by the Atmel START and Atmel Studio 7 software development tools.

  • Xplained Mini Kit
  • Atmel START graphical online software configuration tool
  • Atmel Studio 7 Integrated Development Platform (IDP)


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