Newbury Electronics works with international artist, Moritz Waldemeyer, on 3D Easter Egg themed sculpture

Newbury Electronics is supplying 250 individual PCBs to designer Moritz Waldemeyer for use in his latest project.  The internationally renowned artist has been asked by the Metropolitan by COMO to participate in a charity project for their charity partner, Noah”s Ark Children”s Hospice.  Waldemeyer’s art form uses etched metal for the mechanical components and PCB’s to create the structure that will be on display in the hotel lobby throughout April. The PCBs will have white LEDs on the outside and blue LEDs on the inside of the egg. 

“It is great to be part of a project like this which combines the latest in creative thinking with state- of- the-art production techniques to create a unique object of beauty;” said Philip King, managing director at Newbury Electronics.

Explaining more about his piece, Waldemeyer said; “Essentially the egg is made from four spirals that are alternatively connected to GND and +12V.  We used advance parametric 3D design to create this shape, that is both sculpture and electronic circuit at the same time.  This is an innovative approach to light design that we believe has never been done before in this way.  He continued; “Newbury Electronics’ knowledge and understanding combined with its high production standards and levels of accuracy make them the ideal partner for this project.”  The finished piece will be 30 cm high.

Anyone interested in seeing Waldemeyer’s finished piece along with the other exhibits is welcome to visit the Metropolitan Hotel, London from April 1st through to April 30th.  All eight pieces will then be auctioned to raise funds for the Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice.  The eggs will be auctioned off in the hotel’s Met Bar on the 30th April at 6.30pm.

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