Newbury Electronics instrumental in helping Skalene scale the heights of electrical engineering

High throughput DNA library prep platform

A leader in the field of EMC Design and CE certification, Skalene, has turned to Newbury Electronics for its prototypes and low volume production of high-value equipment requirements. The two companies started working together in 2010 and the scope of support that Newbury has been able to provide has developed in the intervening years.

Joint founder of Skalene, Martin Horrod, recalls: “Initially, we were attracted to Newbury’s PCB Train service due to the simplicity of ordering online and the cost benefits of PCB pooling, which was a relatively new concept at that time. Since 2015 we have utilised the company’s kitting and assembly service which, when combined with the free-issues Rs and Cs, gives us real value compared with our time ordering and maintaining the kits ourselves and shipping kits back and forth to subcontractors.”

Wireless data link

Many of Skalene’s projects involve early-stage feasibility studies of new innovative technologies where a number of prototype PCBs require fast turnaround for test and evaluation. One recent project involved an automated microfluidic sample handling platform for DNA library preparation. “Newbury were instrumental in allowing us to produce prototypes and tweak designs with rapid turnaround. The platform, based on a modular architecture, consisted of up to 10 PCB’s per system of peltier temperature controllers, precision pump and valve controllers as well as interface and communication PCBs,” explained Martin Horrod.

“We pride ourselves on the speed and quality of our service and hearing from customers that this is making a tangible difference to their business is a powerful endorsement of our company,” said Philip King, managing director of Newbury Electronics.

Other areas where the two companies have worked successfully worked together are:

  • Pet care: A few small focused investigative works are occasionally required to de-risk projects in the early stages. Feasibility studies can be a crucial phase of successful projects and Skalene provides clients with detailed reports on areas of concern with solutions and results. Skalene provided Sureflap with feasibility studies, results and quality prototypes (with help from NE) for demonstrating and testing wireless internet connected pet care devices.
    Detail of left arm of full body motion suit
  • Vehicle Telemetry: Combining a range of technologies, Skalene developed a ‘black box’ for vehicles incorporating a range of sensors and wireless connectivity options for monitoring and logging driver behaviour. With the capability of accessing vehicle data, the device provides live feedback for safer and economical driving style as well as long-term data storage for historical analysis offline.
  • Prototypes and low volume of FMCG production line equipment for QC monitoring. Skalene works closely with several FMCG industries and provides novel approaches to quality control challenges.

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