New zero insertion force quad lock connector for medical equipment

Global connector manufacturer and supplier ITT Cannon has released a new Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) Quad Lock Connector (QLC) for use in the medical imaging and diagnostic equipment market. The device is said by the company to be an industry first which achieves a reduction in interconnect packaging while meeting robust performance requirements and functional enhancements such as press-fit.

Reducing the spacing from the standard DL line to 0.8mm made it possible for ITT ICS’ engineers to design the ZIF QLC portable connector system with a full 260 pin configuration and a reduced package size – it is up to 65% smaller than existing DL products and competitive QLC products currently on the market. This enables customers to make a drastic reduction in the overall size of diagnostic equipment. The high pin count of 260 positions offers multiple channel options and makes improvements to image resolution possible at the design stage, which will ultimately result in enhanced diagnostic functionality. The ZIF QLC connector system exceeds 20,000 mating cycles – an industry “best in class”.

Utilizing two 130 pin PCB surface mount connectors has helped to make the Zero Insertion Force Quad Lock Connector more flexible in customer PCB designs. The component incorporates a patented and unique extended insulator to secure the four locking pins and more than double the connection retention force. This provides a much stronger connection than competitive products over the whole life of the system. The insulators are packaged for easy PCB installation, which decreases assembly time by over 15%.

The ZIF QLC connector has a strong zinc die-cast outer body and grounding springs which protect the equipment against radiated EMI/RFI interference. Latching is both audible and tactile and is supplemented with two integrated cams and four innovative locking hooks to ensure positive mating and prevent inadvertent disconnection by the operator.

The ZIF QLC is fully intermateable with competitive products, so customers can immediately upgrade existing designs and use the new ZIF QLC for new products. Also as customers upgrade to the new ZIF QLC, legacy products remain fully functional in the transition period.

Typical medical applications include ultrasound scanners, where the connector is used to send data from the ultrasound probe to the base device and other medical equipment where it feeds data from swappable probes to the connected base device.


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