New White Paper offers practical lead-free soldering information and advice

During over ten years spent in supplying electronics inspection, test and production systems, specialists at Cupio have frequently been asked to solve the challenges created by lead-free solder in both manufacturing and repair environments. In response, they have released a White Paper that offers practical information and advice for engineers responsible for soldering and rework stations suitable for the task.

The Paper looks at the difficulties raised by popular Tin-Silver-Copper (SAC) alloys, related not only to higher melting points but to other factors too. Not least of these is the uncertainty caused by a lack of standardisation of ratios within the alloy mix. Alloy changes as small as half a percent can have significant effects on solder performance.

With these points in mind, the Paper then considers the situation when hand re-working of individual components, rather than automated assembly, becomes essential. Ideas on the skills and equipment needed to re-work components, including area grid arrays, with lead-free solder are given. These are illustrated with examples from Cupio’s Jovy range of re-work and soldering stations designed for handling lead-free solders.

‘Since the advent of WEEE and RoHS, lead content has been prohibited from most consumer products in the EU,’ commented Andy Bonner, CEO at Cupio, ‘and this has forced our customers to seek effective alternative solutions. Our Jovy range allows us to address this need; the Paper introduces the topic and explains the factors to be considered by engineers charged with developing new re-work procedures.’

The paper is available for free download from Cupio’s website. Alternatively, visitors to Cupio’s stand at the Southern Manufacturing Show in Farnborough from 10th – 12th February will be able to see demonstrations of Jovy products and request a copy of the paper.

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