New UPS Series from Powersolve provides up to 10kVA

Power supply specialist, Powersolve, has added to its uninterruptible power supply offering with the launch of the eight model PKR Series. Designed to satisfy a wide range of IT and Telecoms applications, Powersolve says PKR units can also be used in most back-up situations where constant and reliable power is required for short periods in the event of mains supply failure.

PKR Series UPS units use an online double conversion design normally found in more expensive units. The main advantage of an online UPS is the unit’s ability to provide an electrical “firewall” between the mains and the equipment it protects. In effect, it provides full protection against all manner of power quality issues as well as mains failure, with zero transfer time when switching to battery back-up.

The new power supplies accept a wide input voltage range with models able to work with either 115VAC or 230VAC at 50/60Hz. Input power factor is high at >0.98. Output voltage is either 110/120VAC or 220/230VAC ±2% and battery hold-up times depend on the model selected. PKR Series units are available to provide between 1kVA and 10kVA. Battery recharge time is very quick – 90% charge in less than three hours for the smaller units and less than four hours for the 6 and 10kVA models.

An automatic bypass is incorporated into PKR units, which switch over to the incoming mains in the event of an inverter failure. Powersolve uses Yuasa high capacity NPW45-12 5 year life batteries as standard, with 10 year life versions available as an option.

Although most users will specify the PKR supplies for 19in rack mount, they can also be used as stand alone tower units. A LED display indicates the unit’s status while and LCD display shows volts, frequency etc. Alarms alert users to UPS failure, low battery voltage and the presence of an abnormal mains supply while PKR Series units are protected against overload, over temperature and short circuit. Operating temperature range is 0 to 40ºC.

An intelligent RS232 communications port allows for remote management via UPS power management software or UPSilon 2000 and users also have the option of control using an external SNMP, USB or dry contact connection. Output is via IEC sockets or screw terminals depending on power rating.


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