New TrueTouch Gen4X capacitive touchscreen controller comes with face detection feature

Cypress Semiconductor has announced a TrueTouch Gen4X touchscreen controller with a face detection feature that prevents unintended touches from accidentally hanging up a call. The face detection feature of the new Gen4X TMA445A controller eliminates the need for infrared sensors in smartphones and so reduces bill-of-material costs. In addition, the TMA445A also offers Cypress’s established tracking of multiple fingers in gloves.

The TrueTouch Gen4X TMA445A controller enables compact smartphone form factors by leveraging Cypress’s Single-Layer Independent Multi-touch (SLIM) sensor structures. The controller is able to deliver best-in-class accuracy and linearity for fingers of different sizes and gloves of various materials and thicknesses, including ski gloves. In addition, it automatically switches between glove and finger tracking without requiring the user to switch settings. Gen4X controllers also provide industry-leading water rejection and wet finger tracking with best-in-class immunity to electronic noise from aftermarket chargers and displays. The TMA445A controller offers the fastest refresh rates in the Gen4X family, delivering robust touchscreen performance.

“Cypress has been building up our TrueTouch Gen4X touchscreen controller family to bring even better system value and performance to smartphones in China and other cost-competitive markets,” said Yi Hang Wang, Director of TrueTouch Marketing for Cypress. “Our newest controller improves the end-user experience with support for face-detection and gloved-finger tracking, and its SLIM support enables our customers to create thinner, sleeker mobile devices.”

The TrueTouch Gen4X family delivers immunity to charger noise of up to 35V peak-to-peak (Vpp) from 1-500 kHz, with a 0.5-mm cover lens and a 9-mm-wide finger. Cypress’s unique and patented DualSense technology is able to execute both self-capacitance and mutual-capacitance measurements in the same device, the family offers the industry’s best water rejection and wet finger tracking for seamless performance in real-world conditions, including the presence of rain, condensation, or sweat. The TrueTouch portfolio’s unique features are backed by an industry-leading portfolio of more than 100 capacitive touch sensing patents.

The Gen4X family is based on a 32-bit ARM Cortex M-Core processor that is known for high-efficiency MIPS/mW. The TMA445A controller averages low power consumption of 12 mW in active mode and 15 uW in deep-sleep mode.



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