New Triplexer LC filter supports PMR communications between emergency services

Link Microtek, a RF and microwave specialist, has unveiled the LF9287 triplexer LC filter, which has been designed to support private mobile radio (PMR) real-time communications between different branches of the emergency services. Manufactured by US company MtronPTI, the triplexer provides radio-system designers with a space-saving solution for connecting a single transceiver to multiple antennas in vehicle-mounted PMR systems.

Covering VHF band 136-174MHz and UHF bands 380-520MHz and 762-870MHz, the device offers first-class performance, with an insertion loss of less than 0.8dB, excellent port-to-port isolation of greater than 25dB, and a power-handling capability as high as 60W/channel.

In addition, this hermetically sealed filter has a wide operating temperature range of -30 to 60degC and can withstand the harsh environmental conditions that may be encountered within a first-response vehicle, such as exposure to shock, vibration, dust, moisture or salt spray.

The LF9287 features a nickel-plated brass housing with maximum dimensions of 116 x 96 x 31mm excluding connectors.


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