New training class for avoiding counterfeit components will take place in March

Components Technology Institue has scheduled a Counterfeit Components Avoidance Training Class (CCAT) on March 5th in conjunction with CMSE Conference in Los Angeles. 

This expanded and improved Training is an outgrowth of the previous Counterfeit Components Avoidance Workshop (CCAW) and the CCAP-101 Certification Program. The Counterfeit Detection Techniques were developed by electronic engineers, Leon Hamiter, Thomas Lee, Donald Trenholm and some guest engineers, with more than 140 years combined electronic components experience. Their experience is in semiconductor manufacturing, selection and application roles, procurement specifications, quality assurance practices including inspection, testing, failure analysis and supply chain functions for electronic components. This team developed and presented the first CCAW in November 2006 and has been training OEM, Distributor, DOD, NASA, CBP, test labs and other personnel. More than 1000 total participants have been trained in these detection techniques since then. 

A comparison is made of the CCAP-101 Program SUCCESS and AS6081 requirements. The CCCI-102 Inspector Certification Program sill also be explained. 

In our observation most of the groups offering counterfeit training do not have the education, hands on experience with components and scientific analysis equipment operation,  necessary to detect fake components. A few years ago many working in the electronics industry would not be able to recognise the difference between authentic and fake components. Now that counterfeiters have gained knowledge of how distributors and users are detecting fake components they have improved their dishonest work. CTI is constantly improving the detection techniques to stay ahead of the counterfeiters and protect the your customers.

The competitors training uses hearsay or information derived from reports without an understanding of the technology and scientific methods involved. They are typically knowledgeable in general quality documentation and paper work procedures but lack the knowledge to perform or interpret test and inspection results to identify when components are authentic, suspect or counterfeit.

Your personnel concerned with avoiding counterfeit components can receive excellent training from CTI’s experienced personnel by attending the CCAT class on March 5 in Los Angeles, CA

See the Training Description at and make Reservations for the CCAT Training Class by February 11th for discount price.

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