New TB-P and TL automotive power relay

With Panasonic’s new power relays TL (product number: ACTL3CR3C) and TB1 (product number: ACTBPDH4C), junction box manufacturers are able to reduce the size of smart junction boxes by replacing plug-in relays with space-optimised pc board relays.

The new TL relay has a fuse rating of 40A and only requires a board space of 158,4mm² with its outline dimensions of 14.4mm x 11.0mm. This is 12 per cent smaller than comparable 40A PCB relay solutions on the market. For applications requiring lower currents, the TB1 power relay can save up to 28 per cent space on the PC board compared with other solutions with outline dimensions of only 14mm x 9,2mm and required space of only 128.8mm².

By combining both relays, designers of smart junction boxes are able to realise an optimised space-saving design. Typical high-current applications in smart JB for Panasonic’s new TL relay are fan motors, ignition, and starter motor solenoids. The TB1 relay is optimally suited for applications like air conditioning (A/C), magnetic clutches, fuel pumps, fog lamps, electric gasoline injection (EGI) and defoggers.

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