New Swissbit SD and Micro SD memory cards in pSLC technology

S-46 series with high performance and endurance for write intensive applications Swissbit, the leading European manufacturer of DRAM and flash memory solutions, presents its new S-46 and S-46u series SD and Micro SD memory cards for applications demanding high endurance and performance. Both products combine the market’s latest MLC flash components with a page based firmware translation layer (FTL) and a single bit per cell storage mode. This results in highest random performance and an endurance that exceeds that of industry standard SD memory cards considerably.

The Swissbit S-46 SD memory cards with capacity from 2 GB to 64 GB and S-45u Micro SD memory cards from 2 GB up to 16 GB, work in a storage mode where only a single bit is used per MLC cell. This pSLC mode can be operated much faster than standard MLC mode and increases the permitted program-erase (PE) cycles of MLC from the specified 3k to 20k. Under equal conditions this increases the endurance by a factor of 6.6 at doubled bit cost. In addition the sub-page based FTL allows the firmware to reduce the write amplification to very low values especially for random writes. Compared to standard industrial SD memory cards the resulting endurance can be up to 600 times greater. The S- 46/S-46u cards comply with UHS-I bus mode, up to speed class 10 and offer a sequential data rate close to 50 MB/s and a blazing random write data rate of up to 1400 IOPS.

The new Swissbit products are equipped with the proven read disturb management (RDM) alongside an autonomous, performance-neutral background “auto refresh” process. This type of data care management extends the data reliability especially in read intensive applications. Thanks to the sub-page based management the busy time is kept below the specified limit under all conditions, allowing a high sustained IOPS rate and guaranteeing compatibility with the most widespread industrial and networking SD applications.

Main Features

  • Fully compliant with SD Memory Card specification 3.0

    •  SD / SDHC / SDXC high speed mode, non UHS
    •  Speed class 10 and U1 according SD3.0 specification
    •  SD2.0 backward compliant
    •  FAT16 / FAT32 / exFAT preformatted
  • High performance 3.0 specification

    •  SD burst up to 104MB/s
    •  SD Normal speed 0…25MHz clock rate
    •  SD High speed 25…50MHz clock rate
    •  SD UHS-I speed 0…50MHz (DDR) and 0…208MHz (SDR)
    •  Up to 50MByte/sec sequential data rate
    •  durabit firmware optimized for random write performance, up to 1400 write IOPs (4kB)
  • Endurance optimised with pSLC Technology

    • up to 20000 P/E cycles
  • Power Supply: (Low-power CMOS technology);

    • 2.7…3.6V normal operating voltage
  • Standard SD Memory card form factor

    • 32.0mm x 24.0mm x 2.1mm and Write Protect slider
  • Optimized FW algorithms especially for high read access and long data retention applications

    • Patented power-off reliability technology
    • Wear Leveling technology
      Equal wear leveling of static and dynamic data. The wear leveling assures that dynamic data as well as static data is balanced evenly across the memory. With that the maximum write endurance of the device is guaranteed
    • Write Endurance technology
      Due to intelligent wear leveling an even use of the entire flash is guaranteed, regardless how much “static” (OS) data is stored.
    • Read Disturb Management
      The read commands are monitored and the content is refreshed when critical levels have occurred
    • Data Care Management
      The interruptible background process maintain the user data for Read Disturb effects or Retention degradation due to high temperature effects
    • Near miss ECC technology
      Minimise the risk of uncorrectable bit failure over the product life time. Each read command analyzes the ECC margin level and refresh data if necessary
    • Diagnostic features with Life Time Monitoring tool support

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