New smart displays at Embedded World 2021 – DIGITAL

MMS Electronics is inviting you to virtual Embedded World 2021 on 1-5 March to experience the new series of smart EA uniTFTs displays and OLED displays. Development board EA DEMOPACK-CLIMA is on special offer during the show.

Designing a product with a colour TFT display and touch-screen does not have to be complex. By using the new EA uniTFTs displays from Electronic Assembly the projects get off to a flying start. With integrated graphics controller, extensive graphics functions and USB, I²C and SPI interfaces, the displays are ready to run without additional peripherals.

All touch and display functions can be freely programmed using the new uniTFTDesigner Windows software tool. The IDE boasts a simple drag-and-drop interface, comes with a simulator and numerous ready to run examples.


Available display sizes for the EA uniTFTs are 2.0″ (320×240), 2.8″ (320 x 240), 3.5″ (480 x 320) and 4.3″ (480 x 272) diagonal. The larger EA uniTFT are available in sizes 5.0” (800×480), 7.0” (1024×600) and 10.1” (1280×800).

The uniTFT(s) displays use improved IPS-Panels with AACS technology (All Angle Colour Stability). This means contrast and colours are retained even at extreme viewing angles. Unlike TN-Panels these displays do not have an inverse tilt effect. High brightness, with typ. 1,000 cd/m² and more, the displays are readable in direct sunlight. All screens have an optically bonded, capacitive touch screens (PCAP). These smart uniTFT displays have a fast on-board programmable controller and integrated I/O to control stand-alone applications without additional hardware. To demonstrate these functions various demo boards are available.

For registered users, during Embedded World 2021 a development board EA DEMOPACK-CLIMA is on special offer. The demopack includes a 2.8” high brightness IPS TFT display with temperature, humidity and air indoor quality sensor. A voucher and details of how to register for Embedded World 2021 is available on the MMS Electronics website:

Also on show at the virtual exhibition is the versatile range of Chip-on-Glass, high contrast LCD and OLED displays.  MMS Electronics Ltd now stocks four sizes of the COG OLED displays with SPI and I²C interface. The EA OLEDM204 is an alphanumeric display that functions as a 4×20, 3×20 or 2×20 display.

The EA OLEDS102-6, 1.7” (102×64 pixels), is the smallest in the graphic series with a module size of 39×37 mm and view area of 36x25mm. This size can show 8 lines of 17 char or 4 lines of 12 larger characters.

The graphic EA OLEDL128-6, 2.9” (128×64 pixels), is the largest in this series with module size 68×48 mm, view area 64×37 mm and SSD1309 controller. The   EA OLEDM128-6, 2.3” (128×64 pixels), has a module size of 55×43 mm, view area of 51x31mm and SSD1306 controller.

The OLED displays are a slim design and plug into a 0.1” pitch socket or solder directly into the PCB. No ZIF sockets, fasteners or glue is required hence saving assembly cost. The displays offer excellent readability, high contrast, wide viewing angle and fast response time over the whole temperature range of -40°C to +80°C. The displays have a scratch and UV protective glass with a polariser for a deep black background. For quick evaluation and without the need to write any code use demo board EA 9781-1USB.

The OLED displays are also available as an intelligent display with PCAP touch, USB, SPI and I²C interface. Two screen sizes are available: EA PLUGL128-6, 2.9” diagonal with 128×64 pixels and the smaller EA PLUGS102-6, 1.7” diagonal with 102×64 pixels. The displays are easily programmed with powerful graphic commands and integrated fonts. New fonts are added with the free development software. Text, images, animations and macro code can be saved directly to the display. Text and pictures can be rotated for the display to be used in landscape or portrait mode. OLED display technology is extremely fast, offers high contrast on a pure black background with nearly 180° wide viewing angle. Power from the USB port or with a 3.3V or 5V supply. 8 digital I/O, 1 analogue output and 2 analogue inputs are available for the application. Includes speaker for audio feedback. A version with a 12 pin screw connector for easy connection of sensors and I/O is also available.

Contact MMS Electronics if you wish to discuss your application.

MMS Electronics Ltd is based in Leeds and is the authorised UK distributor for the 2,000 plus display products of Electronic Assembly, also trading as Display Visions. All our displays have long term product availability and short lead-times. Applications are found in instrument design, assistive technology controllers, kitchen and home automation, medical and industrial designs.

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