New small quantities storage facility at Rutronik

Rutronik Elektronische Bauelemente GmbH has set up a small quantities storage facility. The new storage facility allows the distributor from Ispringen to quickly supply development engineers and companies that have smaller requirements with single items and partial quantities. The small quantities are available exclusively on the e-commerce platform

“The new small quantities storage facility is tailored to the needs of customers,” explains Tilo Rollwa, e-commerce marketing director at Rutronik. “We systematically select new products and fast-selling, highvalue components. At the moment, these are primarily semiconductors, with additional product groups and suppliers added gradually. The available items are generally delivered to customers within one to two working days,” adds Rollwa. Customers can check to see which products are available in the small quantities storage facility. The smallest ordering unit in this case is a single item.

Customers can still avail of the usual consulting services: The Field Application Engineers at Rutronik will provide design support, if required, via the online support function of the Rutronik24 e-commerce platform. They can answer queries quickly or clarify them directly with the supplier. They will also travel directly to customers to resolve more complex issues.

Growing demand for partial quantities and individual items

Rollwa cites the growing demand for partial quantities and individual items as a reason for setting up the small quantities storage facility: “On the one hand, this is the result of the ongoing miniaturization of components, which are becoming ever smaller and more sensitive. This makes the process of separating them increasingly time-consuming and costly. Added to this is the increased workload due to special packaging regulations. On the other hand, miniaturisation results in packaging units of increasing size, which translates into higher costs in the case of high-value components. This is not always financially viable for development offices, smaller companies, and start-ups. The small quantities storage facility allows us to offer customers our familiar efficient and prompt deliveries, thereby guaranteeing them reliability of supplies.”

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