New ShockLine ME7868A VNA from Anritsu

New from Anritsu is the ShockLine ME7868A VNA. It is a distributed modular 2-port VNA system (up to 43.5 GHz) that delivers the capabilities of a typical single chassis VNA but with the flexibility of portable remote ports to enable phase synchronized measurements over 100 meters. It is designed to make IL testing over distance more convenient, less expensive, and more accurate and stable than existing mmWave VNA solutions.

 A technology – PhaseLync – is a key reason how this system changes long-distance S-parameter applications. With PhaseLync technology, 1-port compact, lightweight VNAs are phase synchronized to enable full 2-port vector S-parameter measurements. This architecture eliminates the need for long cables by bringing the VNA port to the DUT. This simplifies and improves the S-parameter measurements over distance in OTA, large vehicle, and similar shielding and propagation testing applications.

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