New service promises to accelerate digital infrastructure developments

As the UK continues to roll out its 5G network, a new service from specialist communications infrastructure provider CHH CoNeX (CHH) could significantly accelerate the expansion of the country’s supporting digital infrastructure.

The company is promising to slash the time and costs usually associated with installing integrated data cabinets and racks, meaning telecommunications structures can be installed in critical locations faster than ever.

While the installation and set-up of data cabinets typically involves a myriad of parties looking after everything from manufacture to logistics and testing to assembly, CHH CoNeX has introduced a single-point service covering everything from design and production to installation, testing and go-live. In addition to facilitating the rapid set up of new datacentres, the new service will also help to avoid financial penalties associated with construction delays and the risks associated with large supply chains and typically long lead times.

Named Redi-Rack, the new service from CHH CoNeX takes care of rack assembly, pre-staging, loom pre-wiring, full product integration, testing, asset tracking, delivery status and logistics. With a range of managed service and installation services available, data centre designers can tailor unique solutions according to individual budgets and requirements, optimising inventory costs and infrastructure development timelines. For businesses requiring greater support, CHH can also provide a range of extended warranties, field and installation support, upgrades and full lifecycle support.

Tim Hughes, managing director at CHH CoNeX, commented: “Redi-Rack is our solution to providing customers with the flexibility they need to be both agile and competitive in a very busy, fast-growing industry. There’s never been more attention placed on Britain’s digital economy as there is at the moment; placing demands on both physical and digital infrastructure solutions.

“By working with CHH to handle entire telecommunications and infrastructure projects end-to-end it is possible to achieve fully integrated installations in rapid time, with the backing and support of our expert team.“

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