New series of low input current optocouplers from Vishay available from TTI

A new series of low input current optocouplers with phototransistor output from Vishay can now be ordered from TTI. The VOS627A and VOS628A series optocouplers broaden Vishay”s optoelectronics portfolio and feature the compact SSOP-4 mini-flat package and the flexibility to choose from variable transfer ratio (CTR) ranges.

The new optocouplers offer extensive CTR (current transfer ratio) ranges from 40% to 600%, low power dissipation, and a low input drive current down to 1mA and are available in several package sizes including DIP-4, LSOP-4, SOP-4 and SSOP-4. The components in the SOP-4, SSOP-4 and LSOP-4 package are only 2mm high, making them suitable for applications with height constraints. Compared with the standard DIP-4 package, the devices in the smaller package sizes offer considerable board space savings, saving 60% board space in the SSOP-4 package and 30% in the SOP-4 package.

Certified to UL, CSA, VDE, Fimko, and CQC safety standards and fully RoHS-compliant, as well as lead (Pb)-free, Vishay”s new optocouplers benefit from an eco-friendly “green” compound. Main target applications are AC adapters, switch mode power supplies, programmable logic controllers, industrial controls, office equipment, telecom systems, Power on Ethernet, smart meters and solar.


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