New series of high current, low profile SMT inductors by Pulse

We are excited to announce the release of a new series of high current, low profile SMT inductors by Pulse. With soft saturation, no thermal aging and fit industry standard footprints, they have high current >40Apk) and low profile (2.1mm to 5.0mm) features, making it one of the highest energy storage density on the market for inductors.

“These new composite core inductor platforms have three times the energy storage density (uJ/cm3) of competing technologies,” said Geoff Wildman, global marketing manager of Pulse Electronics.

These inductors are designed to be used in applications that require up to 40Apk currents, inductances below 4.7uH as well as a variety of power topologies due to their new shielded cores. They are highly efficient and reliable with minimised acoustic noise and minimised leakage flux noise.

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