New Series 09 Rugged CAN Keypads

For rugged applications in heavy duty and special vehicles.

High reliability and functional safety are crucial to controlling safety-related applications in vehicles and machines – whether in construction equipment and vehicles, agricultural equipment or in special and commercial vehicles of various types. Harsh environments and low back panel depth require a robust and compact product design. The actuators and indicators must also be precisely configured, both mechanically and electronically, to suit the respective application. The new high-quality Rugged CAN Keypad and Rugged CAN Rotary Cursor Controller from Series 09 meet these requirements with cutting-edge system integration.

Typical applications

  • Roadmaking vehicles and roller compactors
  • Loaders, dozers and excavators
  • Cranes, dump trucks and crawler drills
  • Fire-fighting and rescue vehicles
  • Road sweepers, cleaning vehicles and refuse trucks
  • Snow removers and groomers
  • Agricultural vehicles and equipment

Robust, innovative design – Robust and innovative construction is a feature of the Rugged CAN Keypads design. The up to IP67 protected actuators and indicators work reliably at operating temperatures from – 40 °C to + 85 °C. The low back panel depth and robust clip-in or screw-in mounting allows for easy, flexible installation, either vertically or horizontally. These high-quality devices also offer excellent tactile feedback, and are clearly visible in daylight and at night thanks to the powerful RGB LED halo and LED symbol illumination. Attractive and configurable 4-segment halo button illumination is integrated as standard. The customisable illumination provides the operator with excellent visual feedback, and is combined with a unique, contemporary design. Legends can be selected from our extensive library of industry-recognised, laser etched ISO 7000 symbols or customer supplied graphics to meet end user specific needs.


  • Individual 4-segment and RGB halo ring illumination
  • Designed for functional safety*: ISO 26262 and ISO 13849
  • Intelligent HMIs with CAN bus integration
  • Robust, innovative, ergonomic design sealed up to IP67 protection
  • Interchangeable ISO 7000 range of symbols or customised symbols

Functional safety* and CAN bus integration – The Rugged CAN Keypads feature high reliability and are designed for functional safety in accordance with the EN ISO 13849 PLD and ISO 26262 ASIL B standards. Put simply, functional safety means that the system monitors whether the safety-related function is working properly. If a function error occurs, the system promptly informs the operator. Thanks to the CAN bus integration, the devices are intelligently and easily integrated into a CAN system – the devices are fitted with a Deutsch DT Series connector.
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* Functional safety with CANopen Safety protocol available as of 2020.

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