New rotary latch system offers increased security and safety for off-highway industry

The increasing importance of driver safety and comfort and the overall security of construction vehicles are the most common areas of concern for off-highway equipment operators and constant areas for improvement for equipment manufacturers. From a security perspective, the theft of off-highway and construction vehicles is rising constantly and it is estimated that, in the UK alone, it is costing the construction industry close to £1 billion each year. As a consequence, Southco has been working closely with OEMs to develop more sophisticated components and systems that offer greater protection for vehicles by integrating access control and electromechanical locking devises at the point of entry.

It’s against this scenario that the company has developed the R4 ‘complete’ rotary latch system, an access solution which presents a flexible package in each of its three constituents – the rotary latch, cable and actuator. This system has been specifically designed for exterior and interior off-highway applications such as entry doors, engine covers, baggage doors, access panels, tool boxes, truck hoods and storage compartments. It comprises a variety of actuators, together with cables to connect latches to actuators for remote latching, a wide array of latches and trigger options to meet the requirements and preferences of customers, and a range of accessories to complete the system.


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