New RIGOL DS2000-series 2GS/s oscilloscopes perform both analogue-plus-decodes

Analysing today’s electronic systems and interfaces demands lowest-noise measurement as well as serial-data amidst interfering noise. RIGOL ground-breaking DS2000s all perform 500uV/cm analogue plus advanced digital trigger functions, with connectivity for convenient LAN, USB-to-stick/PC screen grabbing.

In action: DS2000 superior triggers; innovative decode displays

Award-winning RIGOL has released DS2202 (200MHz), DS2102 and DS2072 oscilloscopes, with low-noise analogue plus digital-decoding able to handle more demanding applications: 16 triggers come standard, optional serial, SPI and I2C-bus decodes to a generous 8” screen (pictured). Uncompromising specifications from front-end onwards mean DS2000s capture smaller signals linearly; analyse longer streams of data (56Mpts option); deliver exceptional t-axis resolution, even at 50,000 waveforms/s.

Telonic Instruments is a ISO9001 registered company with UK support and stock offering reliable programmable PSUs, arbitrary waveform generators and power testers plus UK warranty.

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