New retractable IP65 “chest” handle with enhanced haptic features

EMKA’s new IP65 retractable “chest” handle is claimed to represent a breakthrough for the EMKA standard hardware program, especially in terms of the haptic characteristics for closing comfort, with modern design details, which feature an optical opening indicator for greater convenience.

Their new retractable handle has a modular design, so the customer can choose between several locking devices and locking media: whether hook, turn or height-adjustable conical roller cam up to round cylinder, square or double-bit operation. The entire EMKA range of locking devices is available to the user which is said to make this handle unique in the market.

Retractable handles have long been standard and are well proven in the field of transport locks for flaps and doors. They are especially popular for use on pickup trucks or vans, e.g. in storage compartments and boxes. While this style of handle has been distinguished over decades mainly by their flush-fitting functionality, the challenge was to get a grip, literally, on function, design, and flexibility as a combination. With this new retractable handle in a user-friendly T-shape made of plastic and zinc die-cast components, EMKA believe they have succeeded in this breakthrough.

It has been noted that compared to the old model which has been an integral part of the EMKA portfolio for many ­years, this new version impresses with its modern appearance in hybrid material mix, with components made of zinc die-cast and plastic. The T-grip recess is much wider and therefore more comfortable to use, even for people with larger hands and when wearing gloves.

Further information on EMKA products can be found on the EMKA website –

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