New relay enables total disconnection of electric vehicles’ battery to conserve power

Specialist distributor Switchtec is now stocking a power relay from the manufacturer Hongfa which enables the safe storage of electric vehicles without battery drain and also the prevention of fire in the event of an accident. Modern electric vehicles consume battery power even when the ignition is off and the HVF12 relay allows complete battery isolation for vehicle manufacturers, preventing battery drain, and enabling the vehicle to start after long periods of no use.

The relay is also used to disconnect the battery in the event of an accident to prevent fire as a result of possible short circuits.

The HFV12 has a single pole normally open (N/O) contact and is capable of switching a massive 190A at 16VDC. The relay also has an impressive inrush current withstand capability with ratings of 1500A for 0.2s or 1000A for 1s. The HFV12 is a latching relay, where the coil is pulsed to turn on and similarly, pulsed to turn it off. As such, the relay does not need constant coil power, and is therefore very energy efficient and in battery operated situations will not further drain the battery once operated.

The HFV12 is fitted with a four pin, automotive style connector (AMP 0.070 Series) for a secure and quick fit. For mounting, the HFV12 is fitted with a metal bracket for direct surface mounting on a bulkhead or similar surface.

As the HFV12 was designed for demanding automotive use, its specification is high and it is very transferable for use in other applications. For example, it features a -40 to +120 degrees C ambient temperature rating. It is IP54 sealed, 22HZ to 500HZ 98m/s2 vibration resistance, and 392m/s2 shock resistance making it suitable for applications where a rugged, reliable, low power consumption, high switching capability relay may be required.

Such applications include mobility vehicles, waste collection vehicles, the caravan and trailer industry, motor control and battery disconnect apps, and high amperage low voltage switching.

Major customers of Hongfa include Ford, Fiat, Delphi, Chery & Jiangling Motor Company. Hongfa has a design and production facility dedicated to automotive relays and it is equipped with the latest moulding, assembly and production technologies. Hongfa also has its own internal test house, which is recognised by TUV, VDE, UL and CNAS, enabling it to complete in-house testing to higher standards, shortening approval lead times and allowing for increased production flexibility. Hongfa is the largest relay manufacturer in China, with a 700 million piece manufacturing capacity for relays alone. Hongfa, appreciating the importance of the worldwide automotive industry were the first relay manufacturer to achieve the automotive standard ISO/TS16949.


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