New Rectangular Flange Connectors with Latching, Multi-Position A-Coding

binder has added to its M12-A-coded connector product range. As a market-leading manufacturer and specialist in industrial circular connectors, the company has announced two new M12-A versions, which expand its Series 763.

With a broad and continuously growing product portfolio, binder is comprehensively covering the need for circular connectors in the most varied application areas. The M12-A segment alone includes hundreds of different solutions that are now supplemented with two new rectangular flange versions.

New connection options for sensors and actuators

The product range expansion for the rectangular flange code-positioning connectors includes another stranded-wire version with a new 26 mm rectangular housing and a version with solder contacts. The new 26 mm rectangular housing for the stranded-wire version uses the same drilling template as the M16 rectangular flange connector. In this way, it is possible to switch to M12 without changing the existing housing.

Developed for the advanced requirements of automation technology

For simple and reliable installation, binder is relying on a two-part approach consisting of the housing and the contact holder. With this, the coding nose of the contact holder can be positioned in increments of 45°. With a user-friendly installation and sealing concept, the new versions comply with  IP68, even without a defined tightening torque. Besides sealing, the rectangular flange connectors are temperature-resistant     over a range of -40°C to +85°C.

The M12-A positioning rectangular flange connectors are available with 4, 5 and 8 pins in the stranded-wire version with a 20 mm or 26 mm rectangular housing. They are also available in a solder version with a 20 mm rectangular housing.

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