New range of precision glass tubing and rods launched

Morgan Advanced Materials has announced that its Technical Ceramics business is now offering a new range of precision glass tubing and rods, which are suitable for electronics, telecommunications, and aerospace applications, including miniature fuse bodies, glass-to-metal seals in integrated circuit packages, glass lenses for erasable/programmable read only memory (EPROM), and read only memory (ROM).

Using proprietary glass forming processes, Morgan is able to manufacture small or large quantities of glass tubing and rod to precise tolerances. With a large portfolio of glass compositions, Morgan can develop materials whose coefficient of thermal expansion precisely meets the expansion properties of components being sealed.

Compositions of borosilicate, including those made of the well-known K-glass material, are used for Kovar sealing, microwave, and fuse casing applications. Soda lime compositions can be used for dumet sealing, a known method to seal copper leads using soda-lime or lead glass, and compression seals, while soda barium options are ideal for compression seals.

Morgan manufactures precision glass products in accordance with ITAR regulations and can support any products that are components within an ITAR application, including laptops, peripherals, and cockpit communications sensor systems.


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