New Nichicon high-voltage chip capacitors now available from TTI

Four new series of capacitors from Nichicon are now available from TTI, Inc. The Nichicon LR, LT, LV and LH Series high-voltage chip capacitors are designed specifically to provide reliable performance in applications such as automotive HID/LED ballasts, power supply equipment and battery monitoring units for electric vehicles/hybrid electric vehicles, power supplies and LED drivers.

Manufactured using Nichicon”s unique technology, the LR, LT, LV and LH Series are compact devices available in case sizes from 8mm x 10mm up to 10mm x13.5mm.

The LR 105degC Series has a rated voltage of 160V to 500V and rated capacitance range between 2.7µF to 39µF. Operating temperature range is -40degC to +105degC. The LR Series has an operational life of 3000 hours at rated voltage. There is a long life variant, designed the LV Series, which offers a prolonged product life of 10000 hours. These devices have a rated voltage range of 160V to 450V and capacitance of 3.3µF to 33µF.

The LT Series is designed for temperatures up to 125degC over a voltage range of 160V-450V with a capacitance of 3.3µF to 33µF. Product life is 2000 hours at 125degC. For applications requiring a longer operating life, Nishicon”s LH Series also has a category temperature range of -40degC to 125degC, but offers double the operating life of the LT Series at 4000 hours and capacitance of 2.2µF to 27µF.


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