New multiple transistor retaining springs

Depending on the application and its requirements, the mounting of electronic semiconductors to a heat sink, such as a heatsink, plays an important and non-negligible role.

Various mounting options from the product portfolio of Fischer Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG in the form of different transistor retaining springs guarantee a high contact pressure as well as a permanent and reliable contact, and also a consistently good heat transfer between the device and the heat sink. For this purpose, Fischer Elektronik is expanding the above-mentioned product range of transistor retaining springs to include new universal multiple transistor retaining springs of the THFM 11… and THFM 20… series. The innovative multiple transistor retaining springs are made of 0.8 mm thick stainless steel and also have a low installation height. Furthermore, the contour and dimensions of the THFM 11… and THFM 20… retaining springs are adapted to the different types of transistors, such as TO 218, TO 220, TO 247, TO 248 and TO 264. The universal multiple transistor retaining springs have several individual retaining elements at a certain distance on a strip, whereby the number of retaining elements can be freely selected by the customer from 1 to 10 and adapted to the application. The retaining spring strip is attached to the heatsink or other mounting point by means of a screw connection so that the spring geometry presses on the device from above via the lever effect or, as an alternative mounting method, the transistors can be inserted under the spring. The listed innovations of the multiple transistor retaining springs as well as all innovations from Fischer Elektronik can also be found at

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