New modular PXI test rack with integrated VPC mass interface from Peak Group

The Peak Group has launched a new modular PXI test rack providing 13U of full-depth instrumentation space and a further 6U of depth for rear-mounted instrumentation space. The system is ergonomically designed for use in production test environments, and includes an integrated VPC (Virginia Panel Corporation) mass interface receiver adaptor, allowing large numbers of different contact types to be quickly and easily connected in a single one operation.

The PXI test rack features an internal 19-inch instrument rack with slides, and is height adaptable to accept up to 42U of test instrumentation. It incorporates built-in service panels, large doors on the sides and rear and rack cooling, with a wide body allowing for cooling fans on both sides of the main chassis. It is specifically designed to fit through a standard single-width door. Also incorporated are full emergency stop and door interlock safety circuitry, a mains distribution and safety circuit box, and an internal integrated keyboard and mouse.

The Peak Group is an Alliance Member with National Instruments (NI), the leading developers of PXI test interface technology, and is also the UK distributor for Virginia Panel Corporation, the top international suppliers of mass interconnect technology for automatic test systems.


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