New mobile infra-red communications system handles eight conversations at the same time

Specialist manufacturer and supplier of RF, microwave and infra-red products, Link Microtek, has introduced an 8-channel version of its Azdec mobile infra-red communications system, which provides totally secure, wire-free, short-range voice communications for civil or military use.

Designed to give greater personnel freedom to roam from their base positions, the robustly constructed Azdec system consists of a compact base station, a number of fixed infra-red antennas and a choice of headsets.

The new 8-channel configuration allows up to eight completely independent conversations to take place simultaneously, with operators either speaking to each other or linking into a central communications system via the Azdec base station.

Using the optional split-ear facility, an operator can even listen to different channels on each side of the headset, which could be a particularly important feature in an ATC (air traffic control) environment.

Other suitable applications for the 8-channel system include naval short-range communications and high-security control rooms.

Employing low-level infra-red digital encoding technology, the Azdec system poses no health or EMC hazard and is completely immune to electromagnetic interference – even severe energy pulses. Since the envelope of reception is well defined and there are no radio-frequency emissions, it is impossible to detect the signals by any conventional method.


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