New mobile app from Molex for anytime, anywhere access

Molex Incorporated has launched a new application (app) that gives tablet users immediate access to information on over 90 different Molex product families. Designed for Apple and Android devices, the Molex App allows tablet users to view product information, search products, view literature and view videos without being online. App users with access to an internet connection will be able to link to the Molex website for detailed part number information.

“The Molex App offers new functionalities which we believe are especially helpful to mobile users on the go,” said Brian Krause, vice president, global marketing and communications, Molex. “Recognising the growing importance of the mobile workforce, we developed the Molex App to help ensure that customers, sales engineers and distribution partners in the field get the product support they need—when and where they need it most.”

Featuring enhanced screens with convenient layouts, the Molex App has been designed to provide a richer and more tactile user experience. The Molex App offers easy navigation enabling users to browse products and narrow a search down to a product family. Tablet users can save favorites within the app and send or share product information.

“As a global company we want Molex customers all over the world – whether design engineers, procurement managers or distribution partners – to have anytime, anywhere access to Molex solutions right at their fingertips,” added Krause.


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