New microswitch from Cyntech delivers greater precision

Changeover microswitches of this type (SPDT) have a common terminal that switches between two others, normally closed (NC) and normally open (NO). The distance between the common terminal disconnecting from NC and the connection being made to NO is the ‘dead zone passing’ distance. In the MP500, the differential movement is 1µm, compared with the typical 10µm movements of a normal switch.

Hysteresis, or differential movement, refers to the difference in operating point between when the switch plunger is depressed and when it’s released. In many switches this can be 0.15mm or more. In the MP500, it’s reduced to 0.05mm.

These improvements in switching precision are particularly useful when MP500 microswitches are used to build pressure and temperature switches. In these applications, they enable more accurate process control.

The MP500 comes in an industry-standard V4 (DIN 41 635 B-form) housing sealed to IP67. It’s available with PCB terminals, solder terminals or a flying lead, and users can specify silver or gold-over-silver contacts. The snap-action coil spring mechanism has a long-life stainless steel spring for a life expectancy of 10 x 106 operations. Silver plated contacts are rated at 250VAC-2A and gold-over silver contacts at 24VAC/DC-0.1A.


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