New Micro USB 3.0 Available from Selwyn

Selwyn Electronics is pleased to announce the release of its new Micro USB 3.0 range of connectors and cable assemblies.

This new USB standard is the latest addition to the USB range of interconnect options, and is now been utilised on some of the most recent tablets and mobile phones. This new connector standard consists of a standard Micro USB connector with an additional 5 contact connector alongside.  

This new connector offers faster data rates, potentially giving faster transfer times for large data files. It also provides faster battery charging as this new connector can handle 900mA, whereas the Micro USB connector can only handle 500mA.

The larger size may not make it suitable for all handheld applications but this will give engineers another option when selecting a connector, particularly if the transmission speed and current capacity are important factors.

Selwyn can offer cable assemblies as well as right angle and vertical PCB receptacles.

Please contact the Selwyn sales office for more information, or to request samples. As with all of their connectors, Selwyn offer a fast and reliable custom cable assembly manufacturing service.

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