New memory offering from Microchip offers unlimited endurance with safe data storage at power loss

Microchip announces a new low-cost, low-risk memory solution offering unlimited endurance and safe data storage at power loss. This new I2C EERAM memory is an easy to implement, non-volatile SRAM (NVSRAM) that is ideal for applications that need to constantly or instantaneously record, update or monitor data in sectors which include metering, automotive and industrial.


EERAM is a standalone SRAM with shadow EEPROM back-up on a single chip that helps to automatically retain the contents of the SRAM memory when system power is lost. The EERAM offers instant random writes to the array with no write-cycle delay. The I2C EERAM family is available in 4 Kb and 16 Kb densities and in standard 8-pin SOIC, TSSOP and PDIP packages. EERAM is available in 3.0V and 5.0V options and in industrial and automotive temperature ranges, of -40°C to 85°C and -40°C to 125°C respectively and is also available as an automotive-grade memory.


Comprised of two familiar and reliable memory technologies on a single chip, EEPROM and SRAM, EERAM offers a robust and dependable data solution that is also the lowest cost non-volatile SRAM solution. EERAM does not require an external battery to safely store data during a power-loss event. Instead, a small, external capacitor is used to provide the energy needed to store the contents of the SRAM on to the EEPROM when system power is lost.


The EERAM I2C PICtail™ Kit (AC500100) will be available in January 2017 from Microchip.


The 47L04, 47C04, 47L16 and 47C16 are available in 8-pin SOIC, TSSOP and PDIP packages in volume production.

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