New M-series IGBTs from ST raise energy efficiency for solar and industrial power

The new M-series1200V IGBTs from STMicroelectronics feature advanced trench-gate field-stop technology to save more energy and increase reliability in applications such as solar inverters, welding equipment, uninterruptible power supplies, and industrial motor drives.

With highly optimised conduction and turn-off characteristics, as well as low turn-on losses, these improved IGBTs are suitable for use in hard-switching circuits operating at up to 20kHz. Increased maximum operating temperature of 175°C, a wide safe operating area (SOA) with latch-up free operation, and short-circuit withstand time of 10µs at 150°C ensure rugged performance in harsh ambient and electrical environments.

The third generation of technology at the heart of these new devices includes a new advanced design for the trench gate structure and anoptimised high-voltage IGBT architecture. This minimizes voltage overshoot and eliminates oscillation during switch-off, thereby reducing energy losses and simplifying circuit design. At the same time, low saturation voltage (Vce(sat)) ensures high conduction efficiency. The positive temperature coefficient and tight parameter distribution of Vce(sat) simplify paralleling of devices for increased power-handling capability.

The new devices also benefit from enhanced efficiency at turn-on. Moreover, the latest-generation diode technology co-packaged in anti-parallel with the IGBT, provides fast recovery time and enhanced softness without significantly increasing turn-on losses, resulting in outstanding EMI performance.



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