New line of industrial grade safety disc capacitors

KEMET, a manufacturer of tantalum, ceramic, aluminum, film, paper and electrolytic capacitors, has released a new Radial Through Hole Ceramic Safety Disc Capacitor targeting markets that include alternative energy, industrial/lighting, medical, and telecommunications. The Safety Discs Capacitors complement KEMET’s ERO610, ERK610, ERP610, KJY, KJN series, and FILM EMI suppression capacitors.

Safety Certified Capacitors are classified as either X and/or Y capacitors. Class X capacitors are primarily used in line-to-line (across-the-line) applications. In this application there is no danger of electric shock to humans should the capacitor fail, but could result in a risk of fire. The class Y capacitor is primarily used in line-to-ground (line by-pass) applications. In this application, failure of the capacitor could lead to danger of electric shock.

“KEMET’s 900 Series encapsulated radial through-hole ceramic disc capacitors have specifically been designed for interference-suppression AC line filtering applications. Having internationally recognised safety certifications, these capacitors are well-suited for applications that require keeping potentially disruptive or damaging line transients and EMI out of susceptible equipment,” said Dr. John Bultitude, KEMET Technical Fellow. “They are also a suitable solution for suppressing line disturbances in motors, relays and switching power supplies,” continued Dr. Bultitude.


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