New IPC3 Kaby Lake combines advanced CPUs with immense configurability and reliability for industrial computing

The new Intense PC3 available from Tiny Green PC offers the performance gains and power efficiency of the latest Intel Kaby Lake processors as well as immense configurability (including generous DRAM and high-speed storage capacity) in a PC architecture of proven reliability.


Intense PC3 (IPC3) is based on the new 7th-generation Intel Kaby Lake processor, which delivers increased performance with lower power consumption. The new processor is a dual core 64-bit i7 7500 CPU cadenced at 2.7/3.5GHz. Previous IPC generations were based on the 2.6/3.4GHz i7-6600U Skylake or 2.6/3.2GHz i7-5600U Broadwell CPU.


Commenting Viru Patel, group manager of Tiny Green PC, said: “The dual core i7 CPU and HD 620 Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) provide performance for highly demanding graphics applications such as real-time monitoring or video surveillance. Support for true 4K video encoding/decoding – an enhanced feature of the Kaby Lake processor – brings crisp, sharp image quality that signage and CCTV applications will truly benefit from. In addition to helping manage data-intensive tasks such as streaming video or rendering graphics, the large maximum SDRAM capacity (up to 32GB) also streamlines CPU virtualisation, which is another strong feature of the Kaby Lake architecture.”


Intense PC3 is well suited to high-performing Internet of Things appliances and always-on or always-available equipment operating 24/7 on a tight power budget thanks to an efficiency boost (up to 3.50 GHz Turbo Boost) and support for features such as Wake-on-LAN, Wake-on-Timer and remote power button.


Like all IPC computers, IPC3 offers outstanding reliability thanks to a rugged aluminium fanless case fit for use in challenging environments, mobile computing and outdoor applications. The thermally efficient design allows operation over a wide ambient temperature range from -40°C to 70°C and is backed by a five year warranty for B2B customers.


Using Function And Connectivity Extension (FACE) modules, Intense PC3 can be seamlessly enhanced with a wide range of additional I/O options to suit specific communication requirements including advanced networking applications. Capabilities accessible via FACE modules include Ethernet/Gigabit Ethernet, MiniPCIe, serial ports and Power-Over-Ethernet, allowing precise tailoring of I/O to the project requirements.


For example, adding the FM-POE FACE module to IPC3 creates one of the smallest integrated PoE PCs. It eliminates the need for an external PoE injector while providing full Gbit Ethernet bandwidth to each of the 4 GbE LAN POE ports available. This PC considerably simplifies installations (IP cameras, IoT devices, IP telephony, thin clients) while reducing cables and running costs.


IPC3 can also be enhanced with the new FM-OPLN FACE module, which adds 2 built-in SFP+ fibre optic GbE LAN ports transforming IPC3 into a true fibre-to-the-desk (FTTD). The optical FACE module eliminates the need for an external media converter, expands the transmission distance, and improves security against cyber-threats as well as ensuring signals integrity thanks to its EMI immunity.


This mini rugged fanless PC is highly customisable with a wide range of hardware options from barebone up to 32GB LP DDR3 SDRAM and large storage with 3 internal disks (2.5? SATA, M.2 B-and mSATA). The M.2 B-Key slot will enable fast boot times and efficient data exchanges using high-speed SATA connection. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 module is built-in. A micro-SIM slot is also present: Customers with real-time communication needs can leverage technical support to integrate Tiny Green PC’s cellular modem kit.


Tiny Green PC can supply any configuration pre-loaded with a choice of Windows and Linux-based OS or recommend specific customisation accordingly to customer’s needs. Project development and technical support are conducted via the companies’ Headquarters in the UK. Future Intense PC3 variants featuring the Core i5 CPU will be introduced shortly.

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