New innovation and development space for hardware startups is established in Berlin

Conrad Electronic, and the betahaus Berlin have announced the launch of the LAB by Conrad. This research laboratory will provide startups and entrepreneurs with the high quality resources they need to create new hardware and technologies.
Located at the betahaus Berlin, the new lab provides a wide range of components, test equipment, tools and machinery from well-known brands such as VOLTCRAFT and TOOLCRAFT. With this manner of high-end equipment and facilities the LAB by Conrad is the ideal place to develop, build and test various hardware products.
Jörn Werner, CEO of Conrad Electronic, who is well known for supporting budding entrepreneurs, commented: “Driving innovation and product development are core elements of our company and ethos. At Conrad we always put a great emphasis on top-of-the-range equipment from well-known brands. With successful partnerships established with renowned manufacturing service providers, we are very familiar with what it takes to bring a product from the drawing board to the marketplace. We have for a long time been a supporter of startups and with the LAB by Conrad we hope to create a hub for startups with highly innovative ideas for the future of technology.”
Jonas Pauly from added: “We are pleased to finally give our community a platform to realise their ideas. Products that have only previously been creative ideas can now be put into a physical form and tested. As a community of experienced founders and enthusiasts who would like to help bring product ideas to fruition, it is very important for us to have a place where we can provide technical help to other members of the community. Our new lab provides the perfect environment for that.”
The LAB by Conrad is located at the Berliner betahaus, a vibrant new centre for the European innovator and entrepreneur community. Betahaus co-founder Christoph Fahle is delighted to partner with Conrad Electronic and “The Betahaus is the birthplace of many successful startups. Every year over 250 companies are being founded in our network. With the LAB by Conrad we now offer inventors the opportunity to put their ideas into practice by providing them with the technical requirements for the development of their prototypes.”

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