New highly accurate digital temperature sensor from ams helps designers of cold-storage equipment to meet demanding error budget targets

ams, a leading worldwide supplier of high-performance sensor solutions, has introduced the AS6200C, a digital temperature sensor IC which offers highly accurate measurements in the temperature range -20°C to +10°C.

The superior performance of the AS6200C makes it easier for designers of refrigerators and data loggers in cold-chain storage equipment to meet demanding targets for system-level accuracy.

The AS6200C’s measurements are accurate to ±0.2°C between -20°C and 10°C, the temperature range over which storage equipment for perishable goods operates. The sensor’s accuracy is guaranteed over the device’s supply voltage range of 1.8V to 3.6V.

In temperature control and temperature logging applications, the total error budget is made up of multiple components. By minimising the error at the point of measurement, the designer gains extra headroom for other error and noise sources, such as the heat generated by board-mounted components. The use of the highly accurate AS6200C gives the designer more flexibility to modify other elements of the system design while keeping total error below a specified maximum level.

The AS6200C integrates a sensor front end, 12-bit analog-to-digital converter and digital logic in a small WL-CSP package. It provides a digital output over an I2C interface to any host microcontroller. The device performs on-board digital signal processing, which means that it needs no user calibration, and its linearised output requires no compensation by an external microcontroller.

The AS6200C is intended for use in equipment for storing and transporting food, pharmaceuticals, flowers and other perishable goods, as well as in domestic and commercial refrigerators. It is very well suited to data loggers that comply with the EN12830:1999 class 1 standard.

The new device extends the ams family of small, accurate digital temperature sensor ICs, joining the AS6200 sensor, which achieves peak accuracy between 0°C and 65°C.

“The AS6200C offers the market a unique combination of small size – its footprint is only 1.5 mm2 – very high accuracy over the cold-chain monitoring and storage temperature range, and a convenient digital output requiring no calibration or linearisation. It provides a new example of the value of the low-noise, high-sensitivity, high-linearity semiconductor technology underlying the outstanding performance of ams’ sensor solution products,” said Nikolai Haslebner, marketing manager at ams.

The AS6200C is available in production volumes. Unit pricing is €0.60 in order quantities of 1,000 units.

An evaluation board for the AS6200C digital temperature sensor is available from the ams ICdirect online store. For sample requests or more technical information, go to

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