New High Static Pressure 136mm Diameter Reversible Flow Fans

EAO Ltd, Burgess Hill, 6th January 2022– EAO Ltd has introduced the new Sanyo Denki 136RFA range of 136mm diameter by 28mm thick reversible flow ventilation fans. These axial fans can operate in both flow directions with the fan speed and flow direction controlled using the PWM control line. The new fans provide a maximum of 185 Pa static pressure and a maximum airflow of 2.1 m3/min 74.2 CFM in the forward direction and 97.5% of their performance in the reverse direction.


Reverse flow fans are ideal for intelligent home ventilation systems and energy efficient heat exchange and recovery ventilation, where a single reverse flow fan can replace two separate single direction fans for reduced equipment cost and installation time.

The 9RFA range is best in class and offers up to 2.8 times the static pressure of the existing 9RF range with two rated fan speeds of 5450 and 4350 RPM and in both 12 VDC and 24 VDC nominal input voltages.

The built-in pulse sensor (tacho) connection can be used to monitor the fan speed and assist in fault diagnosis. The PWM control can be used to reduce power consumption and fan noise along with flow direction using a PWM controller such as the Sanyo Denki 9PC8666X-S01

Engineered in black plastic with dual ball bearings, the new San Ace fans provide reliability figures of 70,000 hours MTBF at 40oC (40,000 hour at 60oC), ensuring trouble-free long-term operation.

EAO Ltd is a cooling systems specialist offering expert advice and is equipped with a Sanyo Denki Portable airflow tester system that can be used to generate the impedance curves needed for accurate thermal designs in our customers’ equipment.

For further information please contact Robert Davies, Marketing Manager EAO Ltd.

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About EAO Ltd

EAO Ltd is the UK sales company for  EAO AG a Swiss, family-owned company founded in 1947. EAO has developed into one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality switches, keyboards, sophisticated control elements, complete HMI control units and HMI Systems.

In addition to supplying EAO designed and manufactured products, EAO Ltd is the UK’s principal representative for cooling airflow specialist Sanyo Denki.

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