New high-speed transmission shielded connector series targets automotive market

Hirose has unveiled a new high-speed transmission series of shielded connectors. Supporting the automotive industry”s most commonly used standards, USB2.0, IEEE1394, LVDS and GVIF signals, the GT17H/HN Series connectors have an advanced shielding structure for 360° EMI protection and low near-end crosstalk (NEXT).

Available in a wide range of low profile single row versions and space saving double row models, the GT17H and GT17HN Series maximize design flexibility while satisfying stringent automotive requirements.

The GT17H/HN Series has a highly reliable positive locking structure that prevents half locking, incomplete engagement and accidental plug release. With a lock strength of 78.4 N, the positive lock mechanism features a clear audible tactile click when mated. A guide rib enables easy blind mating, and the double retention contact design ensures full insertion of the contact when a housing cover is installed.

Resistant to shock, vibration, thermal shock (1000 cycles from -40°C to +85°C) and heat up to 105°C, the GT17H/HN Series is well suited for harsh environment applications. The GT17H/HN Series has an easy plug assembly with reliable crimp contacts for reliable connection in USB automotive applications such as in-vehicle data communications.

Comprised of five parts, the housing, insulator, outer terminal, retainer and center terminal, the GT17H and GT17HN are both available in straight and right angle versions, and with different keying options. The GT17H Series is available in 4 and 26 positions, and the GT17HN Series is available with 4 and 16 positions.

The GT17H/HN Series is RoHS compliant. With an operating temperature range of -30°C to +105°C, the GT17H/HN Series has a rated voltage of 250V AC, rated current of 1 Amp, contact resistance of 60m ohms maximum (shielded), and insulation resistance of 100M ohms minimum at 500V DC.


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